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Seasonal Allergies

Managing pesky seasonal allergies

Spring-time is right around the corner! Well, it may not seem like we’re getting any warm weather soon, not with all of these late winter storms! But nonetheless, pollen season is still in full swing! Allergies are such a pain and the feeling of being sick and stuffy without actually being sick is frustrating. Pollen hits some of us harder than others, but now is the time to tackle some spring remedies to lessen the effects of pollen allergies.

There are several common misconceptions about allergies such as 1. they are permanent and 2. that medicine is the only way to manage them. There may not be a full cure-all for seasonal allergies, but there are certainly some helpful tricks you can apply that may lessen your symptoms – before and during the spring time pollen storms.

One way that may help to curb your seasonal allergies is by increasing raw fresh fruits and veggies into your diet. Eating more fresh fruits before and during the worst allergy season of the year, will help increase your antioxidant intake, and keep your immune system working properly. Eat local fruits and veggies if possible! Further, start drinking extra glasses of liquids such as pure water, fresh squeezed juices, and hot herbal teas, in addition to adding more fresh fruits/veggies during this time. The time to start incorporating healthier fresh and raw foods is BEFORE and DURING the pollen season!

Another food hack is ingesting a certain amount of raw, local honey that is from last year’s or this year’s harvest. There is some research that suggest ingesting certain amounts of honey can help your body build a tolerance for the upcoming pollen. Apparently honey does have anti-inflammatory properties as well as being full of antioxidants, and it could be that these properties aid in allergy relief. While the studies on using honey as a supplement to manage allergies is scarce, anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that raw, local honey has positive effects as a supplement. Furthermore, using at home remedies such as salt water rinses or Neti-pots are also an amazing tool for stuffy noses – this is a great trick to use during the stuffy/runny nose phase.

Last, but not least, it’s incredibly important to remember to approach your seasonal allergies by tackling the things in your environment that hold onto dust, pollen, pet hair, etc. Vacuum your carpets frequently, rinse your body and change your clothes after being outside, and remember to dust your house regularly! Tackling your annual spring cleaning plays a huge role in pollen management!

Remember, your seasonal allergies may not be completely resolved, but taking these things into action before and during the spring yellow snow-fall, may help to lesson your allergy symptoms! Here’s to breathing easy!

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