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Finding you people in one simple step

It's a big world brimming full of people with varying hobbies and interests. With a quick Internet search, I discovered a site that listed three hundred and eight different hobbies. Three hundred and eight! Everything from amateur radio to pigeon racing to woodworking to Zumba. Pigeon racing? Really?

People need people. I get it, and what a joy to be gathered around a common cause.  Even strange hobbies like pigeon racing can bring people with similar interests together.

For me, and for most business owners, especially those that bootstrap, having the time to engage in hobbies and connect with others in such a way is just not an option. It can be a lonely place.  I was not only building a business from the ground up without capital, I was a graduate student and a mom. I'm not sure what I was thinking and don't recommend it at least not all at once. Intense 12-14 hour days were the norm. Broken sleep was also common. I would usually wake up in the middle of the night, thinking about something else that needed to be done, and wind up back at my work desk  to work some more.

Something needed to change.

I knew it was important for a company to have a core set of values and beliefs. Like many companies, Starz had established just that; a mission statement, values and purpose. What I didn't know was that once I started hiring, preaching and living those values the change I desperately needed would soon follow. When your core values become more than just words on paper a magical shift will occur!

Not too long after those values came alive, I realized the team I built surrounding the "why" of Starz had led me to my people! Whether they found me or I found them was insignificant. What mattered was we shared interest in a common cause.

Like me they care about promoting fitness, enriching lives and giving their time and energy to build healthier communities. They want to teach skills and model a lifestyle of wellness for our younger generation to see and follow. The Starz Program purpose and vision, "Spread Shine" resonates within them too. I am no longer alone! In building the Starz Program I continue to find people that share in its principles and with each new team member comes fresh energy and new ideas. 

Whether you're a lonely business owner, manager, boss, supervisor or even an employee in a company lacking comradery, get to know the why behind what you do.  Live it, shout it, preach it and bring it to life! I hope you too will soon discover and attract others with shared passions.

There are no limits to what can be accomplished when like-minded people come together. A famous African proverb says, " If you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far, go together."

Want to go further? Find your people. Go, and I hope together you will go further than you ever imagined possible!

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