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Perseverance always pays

My husband recently started an engineering company, Systematic Engineering.  He meets all kinds of interesting people from homeowners to designers and architects to construction company managers.

Last week my husband met a man whose goal was to create a company that would provide for his family long after he was gone. He owns a construction company that specializes in a few niche markets. One such specialty is installing elevators in homes, another is fence and deck installation.

This business owner knew he needed to generate more work. He decided to go to the local Home Depot and ask about getting on their approved vendor list. Day after day he got the run around. He could have given up but he didn’t; he was set on getting his company on that list. He knew doing so would provide a steady stream of work. He went to that Home Depot three days a week for almost four months until he got the contact information he needed. Today, because of his stubborn perseverance and persistence to his purpose his company generates $700,000.00 a year just from fences and desks.

My husband Jesse really enjoyed hearing this business owners story. Jesse’s projects with Systematic Engineering range from simple wall removal or home inspections to obtaining permitting for new homes and additions. He also recently was asked to evaluate and provide recommendations for a commercial property. I never fully understood all that engineering encompasses. Now that I do, I am a big fan and have immense respect for the work they perform.

Sometimes we all need a little motivation and encouragement to keep at it. I hope this true story provided some for you. If you would like to help “spread shine” use the comments section below and share a time in your life or career when perseverance paid off for you.

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