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Meditation for Mental Health

Many people have this notion that meditation is a spiritual practice; something that you’d want to do if you’re attempting to achieve enlightenment, or to quiet your mind for the ultimate spiritual development. However, in truth meditation increases mindfulness which is mental exercise.  In short, training for the mind that is backed by scientific research.  Since the idea of meditation hit the mainstream populace, researchers and scientists have been working on facilitating more studies about meditation and how it affects people’s brains.

There are different kinds of meditations, and there are many avenues you can use to have guidance through the process. There is a type of meditation where the challenge lies in following your breath for the duration of the practice, but the type of meditation we will be talking about today is mindfulness based meditation. This type of meditation has a focus on quieting the mind, and it has been shown to have drastic positive effects on our brain.

Even a few minutes of mindfulness meditation each day can improve our overall mental health significantly. Meditating to quiet the mind has been shown to relieve anxiety, improve depression symptoms, decrease stress, help fight addiction, and increase focus and concentration in our daily lives. Studies have shown that short meditations throughout the school day can even help children deal with their emotions and concentrate better in school.

The Starz Program is committed to enriching lives. We believe mindfulness, in addition to fitness, can significantly improve quality of life.  In fact, this Spring we are launching “Mindful Moments” a one-minute mindful moment in each of our Starz classes where children will be guided to follow their breath and take a moment to pause and be still. We hope this mental training will help them have a safe place to retreat to (inward) when life gets busy and they feel overstimulated or stressed.  Here are some resources and tips for you to try at home too:

Join our movement and Spread Shine-

                                                                        Wishing you abundant health & wellness,

~Your Starz Team

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